Morgan Yeates, BPO Research Director at Gartner, will share his research findings related to how companies manage their international payroll challenges with success.

In this webinar, you will learn about:
  • Challenges multinational employers face as they grow outside the U.S.
  • How HR leaders are approaching payroll standardization and globalization
  • Ways HR leaders are minimizing the cost of paying people around the globe
  • What best-in-class companies are doing to consolidate in-country payroll partners
  • Best practices from case studies of other multinational organizations
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Paying Employees Abroad – Best Practices for Multinational Organizations
Thursday, April 18, 2013  |  2 pm – 3 pm ET
Globalization is the new reality, and today’s competitive landscape drives organizations to reach beyond their headquarters’ country for growth. As U.S. companies expand operations into new countries, minimizing payroll processing costs while complying with country-specific regulations in an efficient manner becomes a difficult challenge.
Are you managing your international payroll effectively?
Morgan Yeates
BPO Research Director,