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“Dayforce HCM saves our employees time by eliminating time-consuming manual processes, giving our staff more time to spend with our kids and our members.”

Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA knew they had a problem. Their existing platforms for payroll and time & attendance across their locations combined with manual processes were inefficient and error prone. Managers spent too much time completing basic staff scheduling tasks. And due to their dispersed 1,200 employee population they had challenges getting everything completed to meet payroll deadlines.

Watch this webcast to hear Davetta Rinehart and Debbie Harrison from the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA share their story. Davetta and Debbie will cover how they:
  • Eliminated time-consuming manual processes with a single application
  • Improved operational efficiencies through visibility of real-time data
  • Efficiently and easily schedule employees without compliance worries 
Focus on members. NOT manual HR/Payroll processes.

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